2019 Home Design Trends

We’re officially 3 months into the new year! Some of the 2018 home trends have gone and made way for 2019. Did you recently move into a new home? Here’s your chance to impress your guests with the best of the best in home décor and style. Which one will you be brave enough to take on this year?

At the end of the day, everyone has their own individual style and décor tastes that make their home feel personal. Remember to always do what makes you happy and pick décor that fits your own personal style.

Natural Elements:

Who doesn’t love bringing the outdoors in? Especially during the cold winter months, we could all use some greenery in our homes.


From sofas and couches to curtains. Velvet will be taking over your home in no time! Bringing in new textures to your home will bring on a new element for your eyes to love.


Getting flashbacks to your grandparents’ home in the 70’s? Think again! Wallpaper is back and (hopefully) here to stay.

Bold Colour Palettes:

Millennial pink is a thing of the past. 2019 will bring on richer colours in both wall colour and furniture.

Geometric Patterns:

We’re loving colourful wall tiles especially in bathrooms and kitchens this year. Maybe it’s time to tackle that old pink bathroom of yours?