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The Future Starts Now.

Since 2004, TFN Realty has been a driving force in the real estate and building industry.

TFN Realty was founded in 2004. Our mission is not to be the largest brokerage in Ontario, but to create a boutique style establishment whose “hands on” approach to real estate would set us apart from the rest. The principal objective of TFN is to provide clients with an unparalleled service by aligning our expertise to their business goals.

TFN has served as the listing broker on several of the industry's most innovative developments, collaborating to facilitate both sales and marketing. TFN has partnered with an array of different developers on multiple projects both in high-rise and low-rise, allowing us to operate within many corners of the market. The combination of our customer service and market acumen intersect to benefit sellers, buyers and our real estate team .

Why Join TFN?

TFN provides consumers and businesses with more personalized experiences and insightful approaches than any other real estate brokerage in Canada. We do this by hiring industry leaders and forming dynamic partnerships with real estate visionaries.

All of our agents go through an extensive interviewing process before they join the TFN team. Each TFN agent must adhere to our company’s core values and maintain the highest levels of understanding of the market by staying on top of new market trends, rules, regulations, and marketing strategies. By having a strong understanding of the real estate market and a close relationship with our clients, you will always feel like you are “in the loop” with what is going on with your current and future home.

When you join TFN Realty, you become part of a network of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. We understand the importance of creating a solid and resourceful work environment - a place that empowers agents to manage their own businesses while receiving top-notch technology, training and quick support. Our goal is to continue to empower agents and teams to manage & grow their own business and transform the overall real estate experience.

Hands-on support & training

Our agents receive the latest training ensuring they are up-to-date with current market trends, rules and regulations.

Powerful compensation packages.

Keep more commission. Our agents keep 90-100% of their commission.

Anytime Virtual Office

Virtual office with integrated platform to help create a more efficient and engaged workplaces - connecting you to the tools you need for higher productivity.

Access to expert support and exclusive markets

We are a team with a profound understanding and successful track record in both high-rise and low-rise new and resale markets throughout Ontario.