At TFN, we are focused on one thing; meeting the needs of our clients.

Understanding the intricate development process is central to our success. We have listened closely and we have learned. The result is a deep understanding of associated costs including; construction – hard and soft costs, land costs and others, as well as procedures, proformas, matrices and more. With this knowledge, individual aspects of each project receive focused attention from different members of management with specialized skills, who work together to ensure consistent and clear communication.

The Future is Research


Design Insight

In project after sold out project, TFN’s approach generates an unrivalled client experience. Our greatest satisfaction is in the number of repeat clients and referrals, a testimony to the service and performance of our dedicated team of professionals. In addition, a loyal broker network has followed us from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and city to city over the past 15 years, which speaks to our effectiveness as well as our commitment to teamwork.

Responsive to The Market

TFN has an enviable reputation of success specializing in pre-construction sales. Our extensive experience allows us to custom design a turnkey game plan for each project venture, allowing Developers to explore diverse objectives. Our extensive co-operative Broker network extends the sales efforts behind your project, creating ‘buzz’ and faster results.

Responsive to Builders

Every Builder and Developer who works with TFN receives the same high level of service, no matter how large or small the project is. TFN agents are readily available to respond to client inquiries and Developer queries. With years of low turn over rates, our agents are able to see each project through to the end, resulting in superior consumer experience and actionable feedback for Developers.

Market Insight

TFN has a profound understanding of the high-rise and low-rise markets throughout Southern Ontario, developed through research, direct experience, and our established professional connections in the industry. Current analysis of the competition and of projects on the horizon gives us actionable insights. We understand where pricing is going in our market due to our in-depth understanding of approvals and construction costs helping us to maximize selling prices while maintaining sales velocities.