New Build vs Resale. Which One Will You Make Your Dream Home?

So, you’re currently on the market for a new home. You’ve seen some beautiful new homes that are being built and you’ve seen some charming pre-lived-in homes for sale. Which one is the right fit for you? Both resale homes and new builds are great options. They each have their differences but it comes down to what best fits your needs as well as wants.



Depending on what type of home you’re looking for (detached, condo, townhouse etc…) resale homes are typically less expensive per square foot. The list price can always be negotiated with the seller, making it easier for you to stay within your designated budget. New builds have a set price from the builder that is typically non-negotiable. New builds can seem to be a little more expensive than resales homes but you are paying for quality and reassurance that your home will be everything you’re asking for.



If you’re looking to be a part of the design process and love picking all the finishes then you may want to look into new builds. You can choose everything from your flooring to countertops. Building the home just the way you want it. This means no repairs or upgrades are needed when you move in. If you’re more the DIY kind of handyman or handywoman and want to take on the task of upgrading the home to your specific taste then a resale home will be perfect for you! When you’re shopping for a resale home, try to look past the current décor envision your dream house.



Do you love the charming character of the resale home you saw or the beautifully updated new build? Resale homes can have unique characteristics that you may not find in a new build. These homes have been lives in for many years and have built up their own charm and style. There are some features in resales homes that are hard to find in new builds. However, new builds are filled with modern lines and clean finishes. New builds are often open-concept which is great for entertaining and family living. These homes are move-in ready!


Move-In Date:

When it comes to a specific move in date, resale homes can guarantee a date for you to move in. This will be part of the agreement when signing time comes. You can feel confident that there will be an exact date so you can plan ahead. When it comes to new builds there is always the possibility of your move-in date to be postponed due to construction. That said, great things are worth waiting for!


Either a resale or a new build, we guarantee that you will find the perfect home for you! Call us if you’re currently in the process of purchasing or selling a home and we will be glad to help you. Resale or New Build, we’re here to help!