Top Home Buyer Must Haves – 2018

Selling your home and wondering what people will be looking for? Here are a few elements that home buyers are now looking for in a new home!

  1. Walk-In Closet

Who doesn’t need more closet space these days? Most people, (especially in Canada) have a different set of clothing for each season. This means we need the most closet space we can get. Walk-in closets are on everyone’s wish list when it comes to a new home. If your not able to knock down a wall to make this happen, be sure to show potential buyers that there is enough space for a wardrobe.

  1. Smart Home Features

This is something that has recently started to become more and more popular in homes. From smart home thermostats to security systems, people are beginning to become educated in smart home tech. If you’re able to install something like the Nest Thermostat where the home buyer can control the air temperature from anywhere in the world, this might just be something that sets your home apart from the next.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is one of the first things that people see when they walk into a home. Carpeting in homes are declining due to the thought of cleaning them and dealing with dust. Hardwood floors are much easier to clean and will last a lifetime. If you’re not able to install hardwood floors, try laminate or ceramic. These are perfect and inexpensive alternatives that potential home buyers will love.

  1. Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the biggest expenses that home owners will encounter. When a buyer is looking at a home, a modern and up-to-date kitchen is most likely on the top of their list. Making sure that the appliances are up-to-date and the counters are not falling apart will make or break a sale. Some people are just not into the whole DIY aspect of buying a home. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets will make the space look that much better.

  1. Open Floor Plan

The thought of being able to cook in the kitchen while entertaining your guests in the living room will make any potential home buyer smile. Having an open concept floor plan has been around for quite some time and is no where close to leaving the home trend. Try to declutter your space to make it look more open if you don’t have an open concept home. Remove all the extra “stuff” that is taking up space and making your home look smaller than it actually is.