Discover the Exciting Transformation of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum!

Discover the Exciting Transformation of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum!

Unveiling the Thrilling Revamp of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum!

Get ready to get your jaws dropped! Toronto's beloved Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is getting a facelift, and boy, is it going to be exciting. The project is dubbed OpenROM and it's all about revamping the museum's main floor and Bloor Street entrance while enlivening the place with the glow of yesteryears and a vibrancy of what's queueing in the future!

Here are some glossy details:

• OpenROM is a three-year venture, set to convert ROM into a veritable hub of culture and social bustle right in Toronto's heart.

• This initiative follows the museum's revitalization track since 2017. OpenRom will further enhance the Weston entrance, the Helga and Mike Schmidt Performance Terrace and the Reed Family Plaza, all landmarks of the museum.

• Hold on to your hard hats, construction begins this month! And worry not, this remodeling adventure won't keep the museum's doors closed.

• OpenROM's launch is due to the glorious generosity of the Hennick Family Foundation, which committed a whopping $50M donation - the museum's single largest cash gift to date!

• Hariri Pontarini Architects are the maestros behind envisioning and executing this project. They've been developing the design with ROM leadership for about eight years.

• The grandeur of the project includes a new bronze canopy laden entrance, an oculus revealing dinosaur galleries, a four-storey atrium with a diagrid glass ceiling, and a lily pad staircase for accessible second-level access of the museum and much more!

• What's better than drooling over art? Even more art! The project will add an additional 6,000 sq. ft of new gallery space to the museum. Plus, a fresh water feature will enhance the museum's stone facade at Bloor and Queen’s Park.

My hot take? This is a livewire project! It’s not only transforming an institution but re-energizing a city's commitment to culture, accessibility, and architectural flair. With jaw-dropping renovations and enlargements, OpenROM is about to become the magic carpet ride of cultural experiences. Don’s miss the bus because the Royal Ontario Museum is not just about artifacts any more; it’s a phoenix rising, prepping to give you an experience you will not find even in a time travel! Can't wait to see how this story unfurls. Next stop, OpenROM!

Source: Storeys

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