Gregg Lintern: The Architect of Toronto's Urban Transformation

Gregg Lintern: The Architect of Toronto's Urban Transformation

Oh, Toronto! The city that never stops growing - quite literally, thanks to folks like Gregg Lintern! As Toronto’s Chief Planner, Gregg has been serving up the blueprint for the city’s architectural face lift for five years. How about a send off with a splash of revue on his feats? Soar through our real estate rollercoaster as we break down this interview and highlight some of the key takeaways:

- Lintern took the reins of the urban planning division after moving up the ranks over his nearly 40-year tenure. He pulled the city plan through unprecedented times, helping shape the physical and social landscape of Toronto.
- His fruitful labor includes championing a wider range of housing types across the city, from laneway and garden suites to four-unit multiplexes. Talk about a space buffet!
- Affordability has been a stubborn antagonist in Toronto's real estate story. Lintern notes that while supply has increased, the market doesn't build affordable housing and incentivizing it should be a focus.
- Lintern's parting wisdom for his successor? Bring collaboration, pizazz, and empathy to the table. After all, city planning is a bit like baking a multi-layer cake - it takes imagination, adaptability, and a heck of a lot of patience.
- Retirement? He's planning to rest, but likely won't shut up about urban development! Lintern intends to stay in the domain's conversation, guiding it with his insights.

Alright folks, buckle up because here's the hot take. Gregg Lintern has fundamentally changed the look, feel and size of the Toronto real estate market. He not only revamped the city skyline but also created diverse housing options to match every Torontonian’s unique taste. His unwavering commitment to serve his city and enhance housing accessibility is not just commendable, but has established him as a stalwart in Toronto's urban planning. Now that's leaving a legacy, not just plans! Can his successor measure up? Only the blueprints will tell! But one thing's for sure – he left a darn tough act to follow. So here’s to Lintern and the cityscape he shaped. Farewell, chief! You've certainly laid some solid foundations. Until his return folks, keep playing Monopoly with your real estate dreams!

Source: Storeys

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