A cozy living room with a light-colored couch, pillow, blanket, coffee table, side table, hardwood flooring, and white walls.

Home Staging Tips

Curb Appeal

Everyone has heard the statement that people make their first impression of a person in the first few seconds. Well, this also applies for homes. Making sure that your home looks inviting from the moment a potential home buyer steps out of their car is key. From having a neat and tidy porch to a flower garden that will make someone feel in paradise is all part of your homes curb appeal. Whatever the season is, there is surely a way to spruce up the exterior of your home.

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More!

Everyone loves a neat and tidy home. When selling your home this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. When a potential home buyer enters your home, they want to envision themselves living there. If the home is messy, they will think the exact opposite. Keeping your home as clean as possible will make it more inviting to buyers but will.

Clutter Be Gone

If its in someone else’s home or your own, no one likes clutter. It can make a space feel so much smaller than what it actually is. Making sure all the kid’s toys are placed away, unnecessary decorations and knickknacks are out of sight will make your home feel much more open. The floors should be as free as possible to make it easy for guests to make their way around.

Styling Rooms

When it comes to placing furniture in each room of your home you want to be sure that everything is done tastefully. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste and style as you do. There may be some specific items that you might want to place in storage during the selling process. Try to keep most of the home neutral and stay away from items that might make buyers not be able to envision themselves living there.
All in all, when staging your home keep in mind that the goal is to sell. If you were to walk into a home, think of what kind of things you would like to see. A fresh flower vase will make anyone smile. There are many professionals out there that can help you in the process. If you’re looking for someone to help you sell your home don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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