The TFN Realty Story

Innovating Real Estate with Partnerships

Since its inception in 2003, TFN Realty Inc. has been driven by a vision to revolutionize real estate through innovation and meaningful partnerships, evolving into a leader in the resale and pre-construction sectors. Our mission, to exceed client expectations and redefine industry standards with exceptional service and experiences, has been the foundation of our journey.

Over the past two decades, our forward-thinking approach, encapsulated by our motto "The Future Is Now," has placed us at the industry's forefront. We've harnessed technology and strong partnerships to empower our agents and redefine customer service.

In 2024, we launched our Managing Partner Program, embodying our commitment to innovation by offering a unique opportunity for ownership and operational autonomy within our network, easing the back-office management load and focusing on sales and client relationships.

TFN Realty Inc. is dedicated to continual growth and innovation in real estate, standing as a testament to our mission of setting new benchmarks. We are more than just a brokerage; we are partners in success, inviting you to join us in shaping a remarkable future in real estate.

TFN Realty Inc.: Where Innovation Meets Excellence.

The Overview

The "Future Is Us" Partnership Program represents a transformative opportunity for entrepreneurial leaders in the real estate sector. Crafted with a focus on empowerment, innovation, and mutual success, this partnership is tailored for those ready to take the helm and drive growth in their own office under the reputable TFN Realty banner. As a managing partner, you are not just joining a network; you are embarking on a journey to redefine success in real estate with a unique business model that puts leadership, support, and financial growth at the forefront.

Key Features of the Partnership for Managing Partners:

  • Leadership Opportunities: Embrace the chance to lead, develop, and manage a dedicated team of agents, fostering a culture of success and professional excellence.
  • Comprehensive Support and Resources: Gain unparalleled access to TFN Realty's extensive ecosystem, including back-office accounting, transaction processing, marketing, technology, training, and professional development. This holistic support system is designed to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.
  • Innovative Business Model: Benefit from a distinctive business framework that emphasizes growth, collaboration, and innovation, without the burden of franchise or start-up fees.
  • Exclusive Access to TFN Connect Suite: Utilize an array of cutting-edge tools including TFN Academy for continuous learning, remote learning sessions, personalized 1-on-1 training, and lead generation training, all aimed at enhancing your capabilities and performance.
  • Expert Support Systems: Leverage expert administrative, accounting, and compliance support (including RECO compliance) to ensure smooth, efficient, and compliant operations.
  • Tailored Financial Structure: Enjoy a financial model that not only rewards your hard work and success but also includes a profit-sharing arrangement where Managing Partners receive 7% of the office's gross commission.
  • Brand and Marketing Leverage: Utilize TFN Realty's esteemed branding and reputation, along with access to centralized marketing, advertising, and market insights to bolster your market presence and attract top talent.
  • Professional Growth and Network: Engage in professional development through corporate training, seminars, and workshops, and connect with a vibrant professional network at company events.

Role and Responsibilities of the Managing Partner(s)/Branch Office

  • Oversee Operation and Management:
    • Responsible for the overall operation and management of the Branch Office.
  • Recruitment and Agent Management:
    • Recruit licensed real estate agents, with our TFN recommended agent commission split. Utilize the TFN Agent Onboarding system for efficient processing.
  • Training:
    • Encouraged to provide training to their real estate agents. Additional training, coaching, marketing, and promotion packages are available from the Corporation.
  • Advertising and Promotion:
    • Responsible for Branch Office promotion, with materials displaying the Corporation's Name and Logo. All promotional activities must be approved by the Corporation.
    • Conduct advertising and promotional activities, ensuring compliance with corporate branding. Utilize the dedicated URL and landing page provided by the Corporation.
  • Financial Responsibilities:
    • Includes no start-up, initial, monthly, or yearly franchise fees, no annual dues
    • a transaction fee of $250 per transaction;
    • Payment to the Corporation of a % of the branch's gross commission.
    • Budget and Financial Management: Establish and manage a budget, including operational costs and fees payable to the Corporation.

Responsibilities of the Corporation's Headquarters

  • Support Services & Transaction Management
    • Provide back office, administrative, deal secretary support, and handle all back-end deal and trade processing to ensure smooth transactions.
    • TFN Transactions: Online listing and deals portal for efficient management of real estate transactions.
  • Agent On-Boarding & Record Keeping
    • TFN Agent Onboarding System: Streamline the onboarding process with digital contracts and transfer documents, minimizing paperwork
  • Training and Resources:
    • Offer training to branches and agents with access to TFN Connect and Agent Tools Platforms including TFN Life, TFN Transactions, TFN Broker Portal, TFN Academy and Branch Development Programs. This suite of tools is designed to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of both the Managing Partner and their agents.
    • TFN Academy: An exclusive online training resource available 24/7 for agents to enhance their skills, featuring scripts and agent development programs.
    • Branch Development Programs: Designed to assist with recruitment, coaching agents, and overall branch growth strategies.
  • Marketing and Branding Support:
    • Centralized marketing, brand reputation, content and market insights
    • Dedicated URL and Landing Page: Provide branches with their unique online presence to facilitate direct engagement and promotion.
    • TFN Marketing Creative Studio and TFN Offer access to a wide range of branded templates and designs, allowing agents to take full control of their marketing collateral with a large selection of templates for every business need.
    • TFN Production Studio: Support is further enhanced by the TFN Production Studio located at the TFN Corporate Office, available to create high-quality marketing materials for the Branch Office.
    • Branding: Ensure the correct use of the TFN Logo and proprietary branding elements across all Branch Office materials.
    • TFN Life: Described as an "office in the sky," this platform serves as a comprehensive resource guide center for agent and broker support.
  • Financial Oversight and Accounting Services:
    • Maintain separate books for the Branch Office, providing comprehensive accounting services to ensure financial health and compliance. This includes monthly and annual financial statements and oversight of all financial transactions to ensure accuracy and transparency.
    • Offer robust accounting services, including the oversight of financial operations, to support the Branch Office's financial management. This encompasses the management of transaction fees, gross commission payments, agent onboarding set-up fees, and ensuring that all financial practices align with corporate policies and regulatory guidelines.
  • Pre-Construction Support and Access:
    • Provide branches and agents access to the exclusive pre-construction broker portal,
    • Grant exclusive access to TFN Pre-Construction projects for which the Corporation is the exclusive brokerage. Access to pre-construction projects is subject to the builder's discretion.
  • RECO Compliance and Broker of Record Support:
    • Ensure that all operations of the Branch Office comply with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) regulations. Provide Broker of Record support to guide the Branch Office in maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Our partnership is built on a foundation of support, growth, and shared success.We look forward to welcoming you into this exciting venture.